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Datum 13.03.2022

Vložil Chris Adams

Titulek adamschris0807@gmail.com

I think I’m one of the few people who don’t believe in luck, just do the right thing and you will see result(s). I worked with team XAPCREDITSOLUTION @gmail barely a week and I can tell you I regret the 2years I wasted with Lexington Law. The customer service was definitely too notch XAP was honest about the procedures and what they were going to try to get done from the start and after a few days, all the debts (students loans, car loans, credit card debts) were deleted off my record. XAP made it possible for me to be in position to buy my first brand new home !! And not more that 2 months later I bought my first brand new 2021 truck to go with it .. thank you XAP for all the help!!

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