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Datum 30.09.2022

Vložil Mike Steven

Titulek mikestev890@gmail.com

What I felt that was impossible before some self acclaim hackers, has been made possible only with the help of CREDIT SECRETS. I was working in one of the biggest bank in Los Angeles as a cashier, I was giving quite notice by my landlord, I was trying to meet up, I stole from my bank forgetting that the camera where on. I was cult red handed on the action it was file on my profile as a criminal. A friend of mine rescue me, on my way back I was drunk already and was cult on DUI crime too. Problems were all over around me. To cut it short this has been on my profile for over 7 years. I contacted Credit Secret Repair At Gmail Dot Com and he immediately responded and told me what was involve in getting it done. After 7 business days, my credit was boosted to 799 across the bureaus and my entire negative were deleted permanently including criminal record and DUI offence, that’s the single reason I’m referring him to those who have similar issues. Cheers…

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