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Datum 05.08.2019

Vložil Jacob Tatum

Titulek jactum538@gmail.com

My apartment got flooded sometimes last year and I didn’t have the right rental insurance. This resulted to a bill of $35000 in my name which I can't afford so I proposed a payment plan which was declined then led to an eviction on my credit report. I didn’t realize that there was an eviction on my report until 2 months ago when I was in the process of acquiring a new residential property. The realtor said my credit was bad (610) for my choice of home and I didn't want something lower. I needed the eviction off in 48hrs or I lose it to someone else. I had no choice but to hire a hacker and I read a positive comment about KING ZEUS on Trulia and I wrote him on HACKKINGZEUS /@/ /G MAIL/ ... /COM/ Lo, and behold, he was able to take the eviction off my report within 24 hrs and I was able to get my dream house.

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