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Datum 16.03.2022

Vložil Allen Daubert

Titulek allendaubert22@gmail.com

I recently decided to buy a house here in Australia,we agreed to do the transaction via bitcoin. The home owner sent me the wrong wallet address which i made a payment of $485,000 worth of Bitcoin to,we later realized the mistake after the payment have been made. All my friends told me to forget about the money that it cant be recovered again,i refused to accept that and went into a thorough search online to see if anything can be done about it. luckily for me i saw reviews about this recovery expert, i contacted him on Hackingprofessional3 At g m a i l dot com, explained what happened to him,sent him the wallet address and the hash,i can happily tell the whole world today that he has recovered my lost Bitcoin back to my Blockchain and Trustwallet account. I have not met someone as sincere as him before

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