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Datum 02.04.2022

Vložil Trudy Linch

Titulek Glad to have my credit fixed

Hi Guys, let’s talk about FICO score: the 3-digit number that determines your quality of life no matter your status. Well, earlier this 2022 I had a bad credit score of 561, charge offs and 4 negative items. I would often surf the net searching for real hackers that would help me increase my credit score,as expected I was twice swindled. Eventually, I gave up my search and concluded that it’s not possible to get a good expert to increase credit score. The good news today is that I read on Reddit about REMOTE REPAIR CREDIT SERVICES. Worried and skeptical at first, I decided to try him out. To my greatest surprise, he was able to boost my credit score to 810 across the 3-credit bureau, not only that, he also removed charge off's and deleted the 4 negative items and also added positive remarks within 11days. If you have bad credit profile, you can Contact them via: remoterepair AT techie DOT com.

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