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Datum 14.10.2021

Vložil Abban


My name is Mohammed Ahsan I'm a financial Consultant of a reputable firm Operating out of

the United Kingdom
we provide Discrete Financial, Services for High Net Worth CEO's/Executives of Corporation

& Senior Government Officials globally.
What we do is Legal & within the ambit of the law but following the Leakage of the

Infamous United Kingdom
Papers & subsequent threat by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

International Criminal Court (ICC)
Below is what my Sender can offer.
1, MT103 gpi automatic
2, MT103 wire transfer
3, MT103 TT
4, MT103/202 manual download
5, SBLC lease and Purchase

All bank instrument will be done via bank officer to bank officer, Receiver has to provide

bank officer details
on DOA all brokers are welcome and guarantee of there payment after successful deal
kindly send me a message via email and WhatsApp.


WhatsApp- +19893413179

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