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Datum 15.01.2022


Titulek sldevelopmentslimited@gmail.com


Dear Sir/Ma,

We are genuine certified Financial Instrument providers. Presently, we only focus on BG/SBLC for Lease and purchase purposes. Our Lease BG/SBLC is 4+2% and purchase at 32+2%.


PRICE = 32%+2%

Kindly contact us for our procedures and be sure that we shall respond within 48hrs maximum.

Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved.
E-mail : sldevelopmentslimited@gmail.com
Skype id : sldevelopmentslimited@gmail.com

Datum 14.01.2022

Vložil Flourish Raymond



I got married last year my husband and I are planning on getting a new house but our credit scores were low and I also had a lot of credit card debts. I spoke to a friend about it who happens to be a tech guy and he refers me to TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR. I contacted him and he helped my husband and I raised our credit scores to 800 and he also helped me clear my credit card debts with other hard inquires he noticed. He is the best. His so perfect and kind hearted. Now we can buy any home of our choice. He's affordable get him to help you fix your credit. EMAIL TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM CELL +1 (424) 307 4562

Datum 12.01.2022

Vložil White Jennie



NEW-YEAR LOAN OFFER; NEW-YEAR LOAN OFFER; CONTACT {PERMANENTCREDITREPAIRER@GMAIL.COM} Are you financially down? Is it safe to say that you are needing advance? Do you really want assets to fire up business or pay off bills? we offer all kinds of financial assistance to all individuals "Business loan and personal loan, for investment, debt solidification, house purchase and company exceptional balance(s) etc." WE WILL ACTUALLY WANT TO HELP. Offer are affordable at low interest rate and PERMIT our client to appreciate low interest payback for as low as 2% per annul for a period of 2 months - 15 years. We approve loan / funding from minimum of 5,000.00 up to 20,000,000.00 depending on the idea of business. Yet before we can continue with the loan.. Do reach us now through:{PERMANENTCREDITREPAIRER@GMAIL.COM}

Datum 11.01.2022

Vložil Norah Clark

Titulek Smart financial decision


I would like to inform you, you can ... Protect your business, Increase credit score, Prevent phone hack, social media hack, Recover lost documents and fund. inbox Armstrongquickfix At G mail dot com or (410) 424-7766 for cyber security assistance. You'll be happy by their service.

Datum 07.01.2022

Vložil Antony Austin



Lexington Law is a huge rip-off scam. They tell you that they will fix your credit; they make big promises to get you to sign their contract. You pay the monthly due as instructed and get nothing in return. I used them for about a year and my credit scores rate went down. I had a very sick child and had a lot of medical collections and hard inquiries. I was young and dumb back then. I got across TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR they are genius, get through with them today and you will be glad you did. TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM OR CALL +1 (424) 307 4562 He saved me from Financial ruins and bankruptcy...they deleted all the hard inquiries ,collections, derogatory on my credit report and then proceeded to improving my credit score to 800's

Datum 06.01.2022

Vložil Bobby Frank

Titulek It’s Cool to be good


It’s Cool to be good, Rich Skrenta you are so mindful and appreciative. I like your assistance by saving my credit report in addition to expand my FICO rating and erased all negative checks on my profile. he also sponsored the maintenance program to get my life back. 2weeks to Christmas my credit was settled for a great score in all significant bureau debts/obligations where cleared and negativities things where all adjusted and back to accurate. He leave me with great credit limit. Get him on his solid and reliable web EMAIL at : RICHSKRENTACYBERSERVICE AT GMAIL DOT COM or via text (925) 480-7813. He's 100% Legit

Datum 03.01.2022

Vložil Daniella Clifford

Titulek daniellaclifford9@gmail.com


I applied for a house and car loan about a couple of months ago. I was rejected because i had a very low score of 503, it was really frustrating and it pulled me down until one of the realtor refer me to a credit specialist that helped me out. In few days i had my credit score raised to 799 with everything cleaned up I had a bet with my friend i was going to reveal the hacker to the world if he should fix my credit perfectly which they did. You can get in touch with him via TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM OR CALL +1 (424) 307 4562 for your credit issues, they also remove the criminal background from my public record. All thanks to TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR COMPANY.

Datum 02.01.2022

Vložil Shantell Lucas



Hey good day, I want to share with you how I got my credit fix. I’m a single mother, several years ago I have been suffering of how to get my credit report fix, after I cut my husband cheating  on me in our matrimonial  home, I divorced him, since them things has not been easy for me and kids all my business everything ton upside down, on the 25th December after the church service I had time to go on net, I saw several  reviews about a credit expert called Kmax Cyber Services, I went on Google same name still came out, as if was not enough on credit karma I saw several person testifying of his good job. I decided to email him Via: KMAX CYBER SERVICE AT GMAIL DOT COM and explain all my problems to him, and he told me never to worry anymore he's going to help me out. After 5 business days, he erased all negative items on my report and boosted my credit score to 809 Excellent score, and also referred me to a loan officer where I took a loan of $150.000K and started up a business, I now have a home and live well with my kids. You can as well email him and get your problems solved his very professional with an affordable price. Happy new!!! 

Datum 30.12.2021

Vložil legitimate



You can apply for a loan anywhere and anytime in your convenient location using your phone or laptop. Fast cash offer for you today at just 2% interest rate, both long and short term cash of all amounts and currencies, no collateral required. Apply now for your instant approval and transfer approval process takes just 4 hours. contact us now (Whats App) number: +919394133968 patialalegitimate515@gmail.com Mr Sorina Jeffery

Datum 30.12.2021

Vložil Darrin Adams



Hello season greetings friends. My name is Darrin Adams. I know lot of us must have fallen for different rippers
I was a victim, I lost my whole savings and even got into debt because i needed to fix my credit report These scammer took advantage of me, it got worst to the extent i had to open up to my friend at the office. So he referred TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR to me I contacted them and asked if they could get my credit report fixed they said yes I explained to them about the issues relating to my report and after that he collected some info about me and within 7 days. They did a massive job on my credit report i can proudly say my life has really change, my advice to you out there whom might have lost cash to these faker hackers to stop and go for the best. Hit them up now TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM CALL +1 (424) 307 4562 and be happy. You can count on them.

Datum 26.12.2021

Vložil Ethan Miller



I never believed it was possible to recover lost cryptocurrenc y until few days ago I lost $3000 to an online purchase scam, I was so sad because I wouldn't afford to purchase another and then my step mom introduced me to this guy that helped me recover the full amount, I was shocked and didn't even know it was possible. You can contact him through DENNISDFIXER@GMAIL.COM or +16094517368 .. and he also helps with bad credit increase and can also help you gain access into locked phones and computers.

Datum 18.12.2021

Vložil Steven Kurt

Titulek stevenkurt53@gmail.com


What more can I say than a sincere appreciation to DEXFRAME CREDIT REPAIR haven repaired my credit report just when I thought I had no chances of a better credit score. I had car loan that shows a repo, credit score (486 TransUnion, 512 Equifax), student loans, late payment, collections, hard inquiries. Few days after I subscribed to the services of this specialist on DEXFRAMECREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM; I had a credit score jump to 795 repo, lien, bankruptcy and negative marks all eliminated. This is really amazing.

Datum 14.12.2021

Vložil George Strait

Titulek willamsfrank228@gmail.com


I am so grateful for all the help you have given me! Today when I check my credit report my credit score increase to 831 golden score with the help of lovely hacker called FASTHACKCREDITSOLUTION He help me boost my credit score to 831 golden score and He help me wipe all negative items on my credit report within a day . His service is fast with a substantial service charge, Contact details (fasthackcreditsolution At Gmail Dot Com)

Datum 13.12.2021

Vložil Jim James

Titulek wonderful man


I'm here to tell you about this wonderful man named Rich Skrenta . He's incredible and entirely fit when its about his hacking position, attempt him in case you are having issue about your Credit Score, School Grade, phone hacking, erasing criminal records, awful report , late installment, bank/CC charge thus more. he shows confirmation of work and installment is made solely after assistance well done to your agreeable. Info to reach him on: RICHSKRENTACYBERSERVICE@GMAIL.COM

Datum 12.12.2021

Vložil Maria Lupe



Few years ago, I had been dating a guy who I thought was very responsible. One day his truck broke down, and he didn’t have the money to fix it. So I decided to co-sign on a Midas credit card with him, as he couldn’t get it himself. He broke up with me a month later, and as much as I thought he would do the responsible thing, all of a sudden my score started dropping. He hadn’t paid anything on the card over 8 months. I called the company to closed the card from further charges, before he would ruined my life and that of my credit score more than what he has done I was so confused because I could not use my card all I was doing was paying debt not until I came in contact with TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM CALL +1 (424) 307 4562 they helped me cleared all the debts on my card and raised my score to a high 800, thanks for lifting me back to life.

Datum 09.12.2021

Vložil Kristen Brown



I lost my job last year and was in so much debt and I had no way to keep up with my payments. To get my career back on track I decided to go back to school and took a $30,000 student loan debt. I wanted to start rebuilding and working toward my future. After hearing about HACKNET from a friend, I contacted him with no doubts through his email address HACKNET567@GMAIL.COM WhatsApp him only on +1 701 975 0405 my credit score was 501, he told me all I needed to do, I gave him all the information he needed and he deleted my negatives, paid off my student loan and boosted my score to 799plus. I paid off my car loan and purchase the home of my choice. HACKNET helped me out all thanks to him.

Datum 05.12.2021

Vložil Barbara

Titulek Not a loan aand its tax free


I know how bad the economy has pushed us backwards financially but have you heard about grant? Grants are economic aid issued out of a general revenue. The Grant is an award of financial assistance to individuals who need assistance paying bills, buying a home, starting a business, paying tuition, assistance for seniors and retired people. This is a new program where you can win grants from $100,000 to $10,000,000. The money given is not a loan and its tax free money used to help individuals. This Grant is a non-repayable funds provided to individuals. Before you are eligible to receive this Grant an application or proposal is required which would determine if you are qualified to receive this Grant, after a review of your application and confirmation of your eligibility of receiving the Grant. The Grants award made to fund a specific project requires some level of compliance and reporting. The Grant helps over 88,000 people annually and over $200 Million are given out every year. The grant is unrestricted to be used by the recipient in any fashion within the perimeter of the recipient's or organization's activities. Contact law.anderson@protonmail.com to process your grants.

Datum 05.12.2021


Titulek THANKS


I had to leave this post here as a sign of gratitude since that is one of the least Mich asked of me. From my calculations, I made $20,200 in 1 week trading but unfortunately lost it all after I tried to participate in an airdrop,I became very devastated until I read some wonderful reviews about Michael Murphy. I feel so much joy right now because Micheal did come through for me by getting my money back from those scam artists, my advice is for you to be mindful of the links you click online to avoid losing your money. The experience of losing your money to scammer is not funny no matter how much. Feel free to ask me more or contact Michael Murphy via
WhatsApp: +1 (925) 238 2217

Datum 04.12.2021

Vložil Robert Smith

Titulek best credit repair solution


Hello my name is Robert Smith I had my credit reports fixed and score boost from 430 to 800 by one of the best Credit Company. I really don't know if it’s right to post this but he literally saved me and there are others out there like me who need help. Reach out to TROVIANCREDITREPAIR@GMAIL.COM +1(424) 307 4562. They offers the best credit repair services like removing of criminal background, erasing negatives entries, bankruptcy, late payment, bank database infiltration, loans, credit card debts Dmv, Eviction including Chex System. Contact them for your credit solutions.

Datum 04.12.2021

Vložil Danny Petra

Titulek 50 000 kc do 10 000 000 kc pujcky


Poskytuji výhodné finanční půjčky bez zbytečných škytavek. Nabízím finance od 50 000 do 10 000 000 Kč se splatností do 240 měsíců. Rychlý a efektivní schvalovací proces s vysokou propustností schválených aplikací. Ve vašem městě lze také uspořádat osobní schůzku k podpisu smlouvy o půjčce. Vypořádání celé půjčky do 24 hodin od podpisu smlouvy. Podrobnější informace získáte na e-mailu: agentdannydept@gmail.com

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